It’s not all about how to speak; you should know the world better.

Each new language I study I learn amazing, creepy, curious, cute, awesome, funny, interesting new things. It’s true what they say: learning a new language expand your horizons.

But learning languages is not only about speaking, writing, listening and reading it perfectly. It’s also about knowing the culture behind the countries a language is spoken in. We can all improve our cultural knowledge: whether by reading, trying different kinds of food, talk to foreigners and obviously by being there, that is, traveling.

Global Grunge

I want to propose something else here. Many people that I know didn’t like geography classes when at school. I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of it but I enjoyed many classes as I had some great knowledgable teachers. Anyway, for 2 years know, every month I practice my localization abilities by studying the location of all countries of the world as well as the provinces and capitals of some.

To accomplish that I use a website that is rather old-fashioned but gets the job done. It’s free and I’m sure you’ll get addicted to it. Please, if you’re really going through with this don’t set impossible goals. If you do it you’ll get bored soon and give up; don’t do that. Once a month for me is enough to maintain what I’ve learnt but I’d suggest you to do it at least once every two weeks since you’re probably just starting.

That’s what it works: you pick a continent, the site asks you randomly where a country is and you then click on it. You have 3 chances for making a mistake and before the site ask you the next country. At the end you get a score and you learn where each place is in the globe. The maps are updated and even include for instance South Sudan, a country independent since 2011.

Enough about chit-chat here’s the website, enjoy it:

Yeah, there’re a lot of options; here’s what I train monthly in case you’re wondering: Africa countries, Europe countries, Central America and part of Caribbean countries, Asia countries, Middle East countries, South America countries, Canada provinces, Brazil states.

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