Great Portuguese learning videos resource.

Today I found a great source of videos for English speakers who want to learn Portuguese: a YouTube channel. The channel is maintained by Luciana Lage who is Brazilian. Partnered with Susan Zaraysky, Luciana made a series of videos called “Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs” which I loved. Both teachers are very knowledgeable and interact in a very dynamic and pleasant way.

If you also speak Spanish, you’re in luck: Susan, Luciana’s partner, speaks besides many languages, Spanish. That way, Spanish speakers get some tips of how to avoid mistakes they usually make when learning Portuguese. That’s important because both languages (Portuguese and Spanish) are very similar and if you don’t pay attention to the details you won’t speak them individually nor correctly. Those easily to be confused details are one of the reasons I haven’t seriously studied Spanish yet.

Check the channel StreetSmartBrazil on YouTube; you’ll love it.

And here’s one of Luciana and Susan’s “Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs” videos:

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