German clothes: die Kleidung.


Last Tuesday I returned to my regular German classes and, oh my, it’s so good to be back. I had never lost touch with the language as all my gadgets, computer, Facebook, Twitter and even some of my friends posts are in German. Anyhow, following a book again, speaking German, making mistakes, having a great teacher to correct me, and interacting with others by using German are things you cannot easily get outside a classroom.

So we’re studying clothes, die Kleidung, and I’d like to share what I’ve learnt so far.

I bet you’ll like it…

As I think nothing is better to memorize new words than looking at a picture, I’ve selected and tagged some photos for you. Note that in German things (i.e. nouns) can be masculine (maskulin), feminine (feminin) or neutral (neutral), that is, they have gender. I’ve color-coded the articles so you can better identify them. Bellow each word you’ll find its plural form; remember: in German, the definite plural article is always die. If you’re wonder what those “crazy” symbols next to each word is, read my post about the IPA, you’ll love it.

Before I start I’d like to introduce you to some verbs:

  • anziehen – to dress, to put clothes and accessories on.
  • ausziehen – to undress, to take a piece of clothes off.
  • tragen – to wear, to have on one’s body as clothing.
  • umziehen – to change clothes, to take clothes off and put others on.

Sie trägt eine Winterjacke, eine Hose, Handschuhe und ein
e Mütze.
She wears a winter jacket, a pair of paints, gloves and a tuque.




  • die Mütze /ˈmʏʦə/
    die Mützen /ˈmʏʦn̩/
  • die Winterjacke /ˈvɪntɐˌjakə/
    die Winterjacken /ˈvɪntɐˌjakn̩/
  • die Hose /ˈhoːzə/
    die Hosen /ˈhoːzn̩/
  • der Handschuh /hantʃuː/
    die Handschuhe /ˈhantˌʃuːə/



Translation: A. tuque, B. winter jacket, C. pants, D. glove.

Er trägt einen schwarzen Anzug und einen blauen Hemd.

He wears a black suit and a blue shirt.


  • die Uhr /uːɐ̯/
    die Uhren /ˈuːʀən/
  • der Gürtel /ˈɡʏʁtl̩/
    die Gürtel /ˈɡʏʁtl̩/
  • die Jacke /ˈjakə/
    die Jacken /ˈjakn̩/
  • das Hemd /hɛmt/
    die Hemden /ˈhɛmdn̩/
  • die Krawatte /kʀaˈvatə/
    die Krawatten /kʀaˈvatn̩/
  • der Anzug /ˈanʦuːk/
    die Anzüge /ˈanʦyːɡə/
  • die Hose /ˈhoːzə/
    die Hosen /ˈhoːzn̩/
  • der Schuh /ʃuː/
    die Schuhe /ʃuːə/

Translation: A. watch, B. belt, C. jacket, D. shirt (for men only), E. tie, F. suit, G. pants, H. shoe.


Die Frau trägt einen gelben Bikini, eine Sonnenbrille und ein Armband.
The woman wears a yellow bikini, sunglasses and a bracelet.




  • der Bikini /biˈkiːni/
    die Bikinis /biˈkiːnis/
  • die Sonnenbrille
    die Sonnenbrillen
  • das Armband
    die Armbänder



Translation: A. bikini, B. sun glasses, C. bracelet.


Die Sekretärin trägt eine Jacke, einen Rock und Absätze.
The secretary wears a jacket, a skirt and high heels.



  • die Jacke /ˈjakə/
    die Jacken /ˈjakn̩/
  • der Rock /ʀɔk/
    die Röcke /ˈʀœkə/
  • die Tasche /ˈtaʃə/
    die Taschen /ˈtaʃn̩/
  • der Absatz /ˈapˌzats/
    die Absätze /ˈapˌzɛtsə/
  • der Ring /ʀɪŋ/ 
    die Ringe /ˈʀɪŋə/
  • der Ohrring /ˈoːɐ̯ˌʀɪŋ/
    die Ohrringe


Translation: A. jacket, B. skirt, C. purse, D. high heels, E. ring, F. earring.

Some other garments that you might want to know:

  • der BH (Büstenhalter) – bra
  • die Bluse – blouse
  • die Halskette – necklace
  • die Jeans – jeans
  • das Kleid – dress
  • der Pullover (Pulli) – sweatshirt
  • der Rucksack – backpack
  • der Schal – scarf
  • der Slip – panties
  • die Socke – sock
  • der Sportschuh – sneaker
  • das T-Shirt – T-shirt
  • die Unterhose – underpants

One thought on “German clothes: die Kleidung.

  1. Hi! I just fell about the blog because of some Portugues stuff I wanted to know. So I saw this page, no idea how old this is. (Lol, I just saw it us from 2013, by now you know better I guess, but anyways:)
    it is:
    Er trägt ….ein blaues Hemd.
    And I might as well mention that I do not know about us saying just Absätze if we refer to the Schuh but Schuhe mit Absätzen unlike in English where you can say she is wearing high heels.

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