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As I think I finally found what moves me, languages, I decided to share stuff I’m learning during my endless journey of language studying. As a Brazilian, I’ve never stopped learning and improving my Portuguese. What matters the most for me though, maybe because of their exoticness, are foreign languages. I’m currently studying English, German and Japanese.

When we like something, we devote a good deal of time researching about it. After a lot of reading and brain stressing, we get to many conclusions; wouldn’t be wonderful if those conclusions were just ready to be consumed? That’s why I made this blog. I’m not saying I’ll post unique stuff you cannot find anywhere else on the internet. Sometimes you’ll only find links to videos, articles and podcasts of teachers, grammarians and knowledgeable people. Still, good stuff.

Why bother reading YYB, you ask?
Well, if you’re like me – and there’re many of us out there (I wish) – you’re curious. To curious people, knowledge is never too much and we can always learn new words, idioms, cultural curiosities or even how to fix something we do that happens to be wrong.

Here you’ll find information regarding the following languages: Portuguese, English, German and Japanese. In addition, you’ll learn how you can use technology, especially your computer and smartphones, to make languages easier to be learnt.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] and send your questions. If I don’t know how to answer a question, I’ll find someone who can and post here their response. If you know or discover something that’s worth to be shared, please do it: send me an email, I’ll post it here and you’ll be obviously credited.

Oh, before I forget, you might want to read Why Yada, Yada, Blah?.

If you want to know more about me or my personal contact information, visit my personal website.

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