Take control over your tongue: learn the IPA.

einstein_tongueOne thing that frustrates everybody learning a new language is pronunciation.

We get shy, think we are not able to do it, that it’s too hard, that we are dumb, yada yada yada. The reason for this is probably the social pressure we are usually subjected to. Quite often we have that friend, who speaks the language we are learning, and who may tease us for not being able to reproduce the sounds of that language properly. And the jokes are everywhere, not only in our social circles, but in the internet – obviously – as well. Here are some…

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It’s not all about how to speak; you should know the world better.

Each new language I study I learn amazing, creepy, curious, cute, awesome, funny, interesting new things. It’s true what they say: learning a new language expand your horizons.

But learning languages is not only about speaking, writing, listening and reading it perfectly. It’s also about knowing the culture behind the countries a language is spoken in. We can all improve our cultural knowledge: whether by reading, trying different kinds of food, talk to foreigners and obviously by being there, that is, traveling.

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Why Yada Yada Blah?

There’s an informal noun (yeah, a noun), “yada yada yada”, which is kind of used to replace the ellipsis sign in spoken English. It’s like saying “it doesn’t matter what comes after what I’ve just said as the outcome is too predictable, boring or not relevant”. It essentially means “blah blah blah” which is very popular throughout many languages (English, Portuguese, German, just to name a few).

I think tough “yada yada yada” is way cooler and who doesn’t want to be cool, eh? (♥ Canada BTW). At the same time…

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