Trademarks that became words. Part 1.

Trademarks are symbols and words used to identify a company, product or service (called servicemark in this sense). More than that, they’re managed by specialized organizations which not only take care of trademarks but intellectual property as a whole. Usually, each country has one of those organizations, often a branch of its government, which may – and usually does – follow WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) guidelines. That said, trademarks are not kid stuff; to register one you have to overcome many legal bureaucratic expensive barriers. That’s one of the reasons companies get really angry when they feel their ideas were stolen or copied. And the law is on their side.

Enough about bureaucratic mumbo jumbo; let’s talk about languages!

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Let’s speak Portuguese! Part 1.

As you may know, I’m Brazilian and here we don’t speak “Brazilian” but Portuguese (Português) instead. That’s because instead of being colonized by England as English speaking countries were, Portugal was the country who settled in the area Brazil is today. FYI, we don’t speak exactly as Portuguese people do, some would say it’s “totally different” but I disagree. I think it’s very similar and I would even compare the relation between Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal’s Portuguese to the American and British English.

There’re many ways to start learning a new language. Since you are able to read this, you already know how to write dozens of languages which are all abased on the latin alphabet. I think whatever you do, if you want to keep doing it, you have to be motivated all the time. A good way to do that is to start right away. I mean, grammar is important and I loved it but when you begin learning a new language, knowing all the special rules will only make you stressed and unmotivated.

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Great Portuguese learning videos resource.

Today I found a great source of videos for English speakers who want to learn Portuguese: a YouTube channel. The channel is maintained by Luciana Lage who is Brazilian. Partnered with Susan Zaraysky, Luciana made a series of videos called “Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs” which I loved. Both teachers are very knowledgeable and interact in a very dynamic and pleasant way.

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