Great Portuguese learning videos resource.

Today I found a great source of videos for English speakers who want to learn Portuguese: a YouTube channel. The channel is maintained by Luciana Lage who is Brazilian. Partnered with Susan Zaraysky, Luciana made a series of videos called “Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs” which I loved. Both teachers are very knowledgeable and interact in a very dynamic and pleasant way.

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Homophones you might be speaking “heteroly”: there, their, they’re; clothes, close; knew, new.

837375_98129162I know, grammar might be boring. Oh, what am I saying? I don’t really mean that: I love grammar. :P

Let me introduce you to homophones. As you probably know, the prefix “homo” means “the same” and homophones are those words who have the same pronunciation but different meaning and spelling; that is, they sound exactly the same but they’re not. BTW, “phone” comes from a Greek word and means voice or sound.

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It’s not all about how to speak; you should know the world better.

Each new language I study I learn amazing, creepy, curious, cute, awesome, funny, interesting new things. It’s true what they say: learning a new language expand your horizons.

But learning languages is not only about speaking, writing, listening and reading it perfectly. It’s also about knowing the culture behind the countries a language is spoken in. We can all improve our cultural knowledge: whether by reading, trying different kinds of food, talk to foreigners and obviously by being there, that is, traveling.

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Postal code vs ZIP code.

701565_64002005Most people use “ZIP code” and “postal code” interchangeably but they’re not the same. ZIP code as many English commonly used words is a brand. Actually it was a brand since it has expired. The New Oxford American Dictionary doesn’t even recognize it as a servicemark but simply as “a postal code consisting of five or nine digits”. The term though cannot be used that broadly…

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